Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alone and Away from Home

Staying away from home a foreign land...and with new people can be an unsettling experience. I am beginning to experience more of's challenges, it's ironies, it's lessons, it's laughs, it's excitement et al.

Some moments:

Much to my amazement, an old lady (native of this country) offers to help me carry some grocery bags after watching me struggle with 4 bags. :D

I begin to eat stuff that I wouldn't have ever liked to eat back home. I not only eat it but eat it twice a day. :P

I learn to forgive and sacrifice and walk on with the people that are around me.

I learn more about people and their ways. How they change, how they adapt, how they behave....

I learn to appreciate small ideas that add up to make life convenient. The free flow cap on the salt bottle. The water tap that does not have to be turned but only pushed with the cup. The chair handle that has deep fingerprints to keep one's hands on. The use and throw wooden stick stirrers. The thread-pull light switches. The water-filter in buses. The tables in trains. etc etc. More as I discover them....


The Polyglot said...

So how many languages do you speak? I found you on the "next blog" function, and have been thinking recently about trying to travel to India. I have a friend leaving soon.

Nimmy said...

me? hmm...


you can love (for its culture, diversity, history, intelligence etc) or hate (for its population density, pollution, politics) india but never ignore :-)

I suggest that you see all the major cities, kerala, goa, and hill stations up north! have a great time! :)

Mohamed Taher said...
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Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Nimmi
Where r you now?
Are you becoming a mystic with so many spiritual doeses? In case, the answer is yes, visit my other blog: Multifaith Information Gateway:

BTW, What do you mean by away from home?

F.Y.I. My professor who just came back from mys to USA., said India has everything now. But, NONE can teach them integrity and sincerity!!!

Tell any one who wants to visit India to go with a prepared mindset: i.e, READY to accept India as-is from the inside, and NOT that which-is moonstruck and looking down from another planet.

Send me an email at mt 2222 [at] yahoo dot com
Best wishes.

Veerapathiran said...

posting a comment after a long time though i've been a silent reader :-) (yeah, many of the requires couple of reads to be understood, for me!))

enjoy your foreigNation stay and yes, sometimes dont see everything as learning experience and just Enjoy it :-)


Nimmy said...

Good to see you back on my blog, Veera. Though my typical answer may have been "I enjoy learning", I do have to admit it that sometimes one ought to perhaps just stop thinking about things and just soak in the experience! Thanks for that piece of advice! :D