Tuesday, March 07, 2006

presentation tips....

presentation tips from business week:

µ      don’t read from notes

µ      make eye contact

µ      dress appropriately. a little better than the rest

µ      don’t fidget and sway

µ      Rehearse

µ      don’t stand stiff either

µ      don’t recite bullet points

µ      don’t speak too long. know when to cut out

µ      excitement limited. give them a reason. tell them when to be excited

µ      end on an inspiring note


Give your audience a reason to listen right from the start. Research shows that listeners tend to remember the first part of a presentation and the end. If those parts are what stick, use them to your advantage

some more ideas that I want to add to this list. you decide whether you like them or not.


µ      make the slides creative – use pictures, unusual and innovative representations like analogies, metaphors, similes and other original depictions on the slides to catch attention - of course, relevancy is a must

µ      give the outside context wherever it adds to the authenticity, credibility and interest-levels

µ      concentrate on voice modulation – tone – emotions – work on these three aspects to grab the audience’s attention

µ      tailor your language and vocabulary to suit the audience – technical, business, quality, numbers etc


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