Thursday, March 23, 2006

Krishna's path of one-pointedness - Living with Emotion

It’s been ages since I read even the news. Blogs are out of question. Sometimes, I wonder if I should be leading such a totally cut-off life however much I love my work/job. Anyways, this morning I opened my browser and saw a headline staring out at me right on top of my Google Home Page and decided to spend a few minutes reading it, as it is the kinda stuff I like reading and thinking about.


THE SPEAKING TREE: Krishna's Divine Path of One-pointedness


I like the way the article ends. :-)


The more safe you try to make it the more death-oriented you become because the safest thing in the world is always to be dead. The safest way to exist is to be dead. If you're alive anything may happen. Now only that person who wants everything to happen to him, he's not willing to judge what's good and bad, whatever happens that's fine with me, that's a true devotee; a true lover. He is one-pointed. Calculating people will live in comfort, but they will never know the bliss of existence. Uncalculating people who live in passion know the bliss of existence. They can also live well. But if you brought calculation and always if you think I put this much, how much do I get back? Now you will know only comfort you will not know the joys of life.

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