Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sempatti and the knowledge revolution

Came across this piece of news on NDTV and was impressed.

Here we are, trying to evangelize KM in organizations only to be sometimes stared at and brushed off as the least important thing to do amongst activities like coding, delivery, bottom line, top line, operating margin and customer satisfaction (though I still have no idea why some people see these as unrelated to KM or rather KM as unrelated to any of these).

While, in a remote village corner, there are people making use of technology to share and learn and improve their lives. Maybe the ROI bug that always bites the management anywhere is very easy to see in this scenario. If the village folk (the women folk to be specific; because this knowledge revolution seems to have been heralded by the women of the village being discussed) get to set up a nice little supermarket, then the entire revenue and deal was because of the knowledge sharing that happened between the city 'experts' and the villagers. The very proposition exists because of the concept of knowledge-sharing. A very nice system that will help them learn and manage this knowledge will be looked at as a god-send! Imagine the drastic improvement that this system could bring about in their standard of living! India would leap-frog into the developed countries category if each village were to take up such efforts to learn from other parts of the country and utilize it well enough.

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