Monday, June 15, 2015


Signs of worldly wisdom: (Disclaimer: I'm the type that will score big on all of these when pigs begin to fly. Let me know if you are the type that only needs crows to fly, for you to conduct correspondence courses on any of the topics below) 

1. Not being sure of anything (as in, knowing that any damn thing is possible and nothing is certain) 
2. Accepting inevitable change with a nonchalant flick of a speck of dust from one's attire (just pretend to flick a speck of dust if there is no speck of dust) 
3. Having zero expectations from loved ones and people in general (inner peace)   
4. Being able to stay calm amidst clutter and chaos (if you are a top scorer in this area, please send me a selfie with your signature) 

5. Being able to juggle social situations and solitude with equal ease (gawk)    

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