Monday, June 15, 2015

Mobile Technology - Impact

Mobile phones are going to lead to large-scale destruction. That's what's in store. Someone is going to invent an App to predict the exact date very soon. It'll be a free download. People will brag about it too.
Maybe we should all be happy for the world, as it now has an obvious opportunity to renew itself. 2012 is done.

Sample this. These days, people go around taking pictures of those in distress/jaws of death rather than putting their phones away to save them. Advertisements proudly declare that we must stop interacting with people as they may not respect us and we must instead shift our focus to mobile phones as they, however, are sure to respect us.Advertisements also unequivocally suggest that we must not think twice about taking selfies and posting them as it may inspire people in our lives.

As if it was not enough for businesses to be obsessed with numerical evidence to prove their worth, we now have toddlers, teenagers and oldies hanging on to the number of likes to measure their self-worth.

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