Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A tree; A bare tree.

No green leaves,
No gentle breeze.
No shade to rest,
No cozy nest.
A tree nevertheless.

No special crown,
Branches gone.
No flowers or fruits, 
But glad for the roots. 
A tree nevertheless.

Trunk under water,
Got nothing to alter. 
Half wet, half dry,
Somewhat bold, somewhat shy.
A tree nevertheless.

Faith deep in the bark, 
Embracing the dark.
Silent and stoic,
Still a seed of frolic.
A tree nevertheless.

A bird in sight,
A bird with wings!
A bird that sings!
The Sun is blazing away,
Miracles are on their way!


Arumugam Easwar said...

Beautiful! Like it.

Nimmy said...

Thank you!

Nimmy said...
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Voyager said...

Love this...the fact that you ended it positively...so beautiful!

Voyager said...

Love it...the fact that you ended it on a positive note...beautiful!!

Nimmy said...

Can't believe you're back online, Deeps. :-) Thanks so much for the comment... :-)) Optimists are hard to cure. ;-)