Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chase Cars or Cats?

When life puts you in a situation that makes you feel like a Dog chasing Cars on the road but you'd rather be a Dog that chases Cats, here are some of the things you could do to bark off the blues (in no particular order). 

Chase Cats when life is not looking *chuckle*

Look for Cars with Cats inside them *wink*

Hang out with a community of Dogs that tells you how nice it is to chase cars *make sure you put on a sober expression all the time*

Study, analyze, dissect and write a report on Cars and the differences between chasing a Honda vs Toyota vs Benz vs Ferrari etc *distribute it as a PDF* 

Discuss the ethical issues related to the chasing of Cats, with philosophical Dogs *make notes* 

(Screech. Stop. Run)


Anjali said...

pl. write a longer footnote to explain. I did not get a word ;P

Nimmy said...

Now you have me! ;-D hehheeee. How on Earth do I explain nonsense like this? Bwahaha. Put yourself in the shoes...er...paws...of a dog, I say. Kya? It's all about life not being what happens to you but about how you react to it....this is a sort of "take that" to the guys who said such profound things. ;-)

kulls said...

In short.. pass time decently till you get something better..