Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Seek. Sense. Share.

Beth Kanter - SM Model

I'm always looking for simple and catchy ways of communicating what knowledge management is all about. Most people, incorrectly, believe it to be something abstract and conceptual - something that cannot be practiced too easily because it only has theoretical clarity. Many KM practitioners plunge into complicated and/or dry explanations (and I'm sure even I've been guilty of this in the past ;-)) which makes the situation worse. Admittedly, this blog has, perhaps, plenty of such posts (self-written and borrowed from other writers) and corresponding ideas. Looking at the brighter side, ultimately, each one of us may be able to relate to and remember at least one of these slogans/models/definitions and apply it effectively.  ;-)

I came across Beth Kanter's ( SM model (pic above) via G+ this morning and thought it was simple and easy to remember for people who are still confused about what KM is. Any practice, process, idea, tool or behaviour that attempts to help us seek, sense or share is, in my opinion, a knowledge management entity. 


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Nimmy:

If that's the case, I might make one hell of a KM manager. :D

Take care my clever friend,

Petra said...

If you are also interested in Knowledge Management, I can recommend following conference in Graz (Austria): I-KNOW 2011 between 7–9 September 2011.

Nimmy said...

Mike: :-) Doesn't surprise me ONE bit! :-D

@Petra: Thank you for the comment and the link. Sorry I just realized your comment was pending in the pipeline. Conference - Next year, maybe! :-)