Monday, August 22, 2011

Creativity Techniques

Though it is true that I've come across plenty of articles - in the past - on these lines, this particular list of ideas and the way this post has been written resonated with me. Quick reference....followed by the link to the original article and some extracts

- Psychological Distance 
- Fast Forward in Time 
- Path of Most Resistance 
- Indulging in Absurdity 
- Combining Opposites 
- Re-conceptualization
- Using Moments of Extreme Emotion (Positive/Negative)

Boost Creativity: 7 Unusual Psychological Techniques | PsyBlog
    • Project yourself forward in time; view your creative task from one, ten or a hundred years distant.
      • Physicist Niels Bohr may have used Janusian thinking to conceive the principle of complementarity in quantum theory (that light can be analysed as either a wave or a particle, but never simultaneously as both).
        • ....that experimental participants produced higher quality ideas when forced to re-conceive the problem in different ways before trying to solve it. Similarly a classic study of artists found that those focused on discovery at the problem-formulation stage produced better art

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