Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Throughout the journey from birth to death, many people choose to question life, strive for improvement, seek out knowledge, and search for the divine. Simply put, this is the essence of spirituality. - Daily Om

- Thought I'd put this up here because a lot of people have misconceptions regarding what spirituality means. Some people laugh when spirituality and religion are separated because they believe there is no difference between the two. Spirituality encompasses all religions and creates a cumulative list of values (as opposed to rituals) to pursue. 


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes Nimmy:

Spirituality is separate from religion, yet can be a part of religion.

Spirituality is a state of being and a creation of God and a pathway to the Divine and religion is a creation of Man and is more than not the pathway to the ego and it's glorification, although as in all man made creations there are always contradictions.

I suppose God has had more practice and gets it right more often.

Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Kind regards,

Caveman said...

Brilliant Nims!

I wish more people could think like you do... the world would be a much better place to live in. I'm not religious, nor am i spiritual; in fact, i'm as evil as they come. And if i can see the truth in this post, it beats me why others can't.

Nimmy said...

@Mike: Once again, a wise response from you! "I suppose God has had more practice and gets it right more often." - Made me grin ear to ear. :-)

Yup - Spirituality is a state of being....though I sometimes wonder if some of the rigorous rituals proposed by religions help us achieve that state of mind (fasting, temple visits, prayers etc). What do you think?

Nimmy said...

@Jai: *Bow* Thanks, fellow Plummie. :-) As usual, you give me too much credit ;-)

And you never fail to make me laugh (courtesy: "i'm as evil as they come") LoL! :-) BTW, I only attempt to be spiritual. I am not there....yet.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Nimmy:

Yes, I believe that that was the original intentions of ritual and prayer to make a connection to the Divine, but I believe that oftener than not people never go beyond the ritual, but stay stuck in the safe and intellectual rather than taking the leap of faith into the unknown.

I believe that what you mentioned in your question are tools, but only tools. If used wisely, one can acheive enlightened states.

After all some saint or avatar or phophet did use these tools at one time to acheive a God consciousness, but unfortunately, we often are lazy and admire the acheivements of the saints rather than doing the hard work of enlightenment ourselves.

I think that it may just be a matter of letting go and trusting in ourselves and ourSelves and the Divine just fills us up when we are distracted from ego fears and not being true to our ownness.

I have had all my illuminations in life when I was lease expecting a result or after I had just givben up and submitted to the Will of the Divine.

I hope I was able to be of help---but remember only you can truly supply the answers that you need this lifetime. If you asked it, I would say that your Soul already has the answer and is just waiting for you to hear It's sweet voice.

Kind regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello again:

Here is some nice music for you.


Nimmy said...

@Mike: Thank you so much for the music! :) and your -as always - thoughtful response to my question! I once read somewhere - We are the problem. We are the solution! I especially loved your thought re. The Divine filling us up when we are free from ego and fear. Wonderful state to be in. :)