Monday, May 30, 2011

Mud on your Nose

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Reading Peanuts reminds me of my first flappy-eared friend. He was phenomenally smart and perpetually hungry. We'd cleverly drop a biscuit into one of the dozen flower pots when he was sleeping or looking elsewhere and then shout 'FETCH!!' with a straight face.

He'd get up in a jiffy, his eyes popping out, and run over to the pots, sniffing hard. Every pot was sniffed from all directions, sending some hibernating lizards scooting all over the place in the process (the only thing I didn't like about our game). Our flappy-eared friend meanwhile would intensely focus on finding the biscuit and inevitably find it soon. He'd munch on it or rather gobble it down and look up to see if we would say 'Fetch' again. We'd giggle and guffaw. He probably imagined it was because we were proud he had found the biscuit. Little did the fella know it was because of all the wet mud smeared on his nose. (Evil us)

PS: Obviously, our game left us soon with half-broken flower pots much to the dismay of the elders of the house.

Peanuts by Charles Schultz - Google Images


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Nimmy:

Shame on you...Just kidding...You friend may have like some peanut butter on the nose instead. ('

Do you eat peanut butter in India? Might not have been a good example.

Anyhow, a funny tale or shall I say, tail,

Nimmy said...

:-) Hahaha.

Yup, I know peanut butter is something that Children almost die for in the US. One of my Nieces (who lives in the US) is crazy about it. It is not so popular in India though....we use regular butter for our occasional toast.

"Funny tail" - :-D hehe....I love such puns, by the way!