Friday, April 01, 2011

Personal Knowledge Portfolio

1. Does this chart make sense? Please note that it is to be seen in the context of an organization and not just an individual. 
2. Does this consider/address at least the top few platforms and top few benefits?
3. Is there something wrong in this picture? For example, any block that is not in the appropriate place, in your opinion?
4. Any other feedback for improvement?


Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nice Info!

Caveman said...

don't know much about this stuff, but don't you think 'feedback' needs to fit somewhere into the picture? None of the tools suggested will lead to an 'effective' absorption or dissemination of knowledge, without a feedback loop to support it.

Yayaver said...

Mentoring and Collaboration rises to the sense of belonging. This was new point to me. I liked your distinct vision.Good Work :-)

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Jai :) each individual tool has its own feedback mechanisms but I'll ponder over this!

Nimmy said...

Thanks Himanshu! :)

Aragorn said...

Hey Nimmy,

interesting one... Though i didnt the entire message that t picture was supposed to reflect, i got the core concept. I felt that Blogging would be more of a sharing act rather than a mentoring, hence in my opinion, it should come a bit below.

Would be great if you can elucidate this Personal Knowledge portfolio :)



Nimmy said...

Thanks Prashant, You're right. In a way, blogging could be more of a sharing act. I guess the thing on my mind as I created this chart was blogging by senior management (within an org.) and that led me to marking it as a "mentoring" platform.

Well, elaborating on the purpose of this chart, all I intended to do was allow the employees of an organization to consider and choose various platforms for learning, sharing, mentoring and collaboration to suit their own needs, role, experience and desires!