Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's More Dangerous?

Cruelty by itself is not permanent; It can be removed. What makes it dangerous is it is because of or combined with insanity and/or stupidity.


Yayaver said...

Religions have always some justification to some form of cruelty. And that is why it makes chunk of religious people unreasonable and little stupid to argue.

Raj said...

As Yayveer said, when the cruel one believes he/she has a greater reason for his/her cruel behavior, thats when they become really dangerous.

Nimmy said...

Himanshu: Yup....ideologies that hold us prisoners.... :-(

Raj: That's what I hear is called an ideology or perhaps blind faith.

vivek said...

@Nimmy: [Much respect] Deep stuff.
On the question of religion - can say for Christianity, we are clearly instructed not to take revenge, but to leave that for the righteous anger of God.
as for cruelty and religion: its used as a crutch to serve vested interests [remember the wise words of Mr. Khan, in "My name is Khan"]

Vivek =)

Nimmy said...

Vivek: Thanks so much. Kind of you! Hmm...forgiveness is a quality promoted in many religious scriptures. I do not remember the dialogue in Mr.Khan...watched it amongst many distractions...will try catching up with that again.