Saturday, January 22, 2011

Conscience is the Customer

Writing a poem after a long time...!

A severe and unexpected blow on the head 
Can either leave one forever dead
Or give one new wisdom to deal with what's ahead

When another person's greed 
Comes at the cost of one's own need 
One can retaliate and scream in haste 
Or perhaps change one's own taste (uncompromising and yet clever)

When problems pile up together
One can complain about rough weather
Or smile & just brush them off with a light feather

It's ok to be human, take the shock and pause for a while
But life is eventually about covering the next mile
The map is drawn with values as the path(s)
It's up to one to determine which to take without any wrath

The most important thing is the conversation with one's conscience   
In order to discover one's own happiness in the long distance  
(Because) That's the only thing that may finally make sense


Ashvini said...

Great poem. My best wishes for making the world a better place

Raj said...

motivating lines these surely are..
the eternal truth for this and the eternal hour.. xd

Nimmy said...

Thanks a lot, Ashvini.
Thank you, Raj.