Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A KM Project, Employee Engagement, MBA in KM, Collaboration Skills

I feel like I've been neglecting myself. Not a single blog post since April 23rd! Gasp! I am almost sure this has not happened before. I've earlier remained silent for a week +/- a few days, but this time the silence has lasted more than 20 days!! Though, I am aware that the silence is totally explainable and justified. I've been absorbed in the development and implementation of a new KM & Collaboration application that I conceived 6 months back. Yet again, it becomes crystal clear to me that...

And must be lucky to have a great team if not a perfect team. If the team isn't world class, then it's only passion and perseverance that keeps it going.

Aside: So, my blog posts are beginning to look different now, I realize. Mostly made up of sporadic twitter moments later connected and weaved together in a clumsy manner. Uh? ;-)

Anyway, getting back to the project, I am hoping I will have an opportunity to present it at an appropriate conference and see what the rest of the KM crowd thinks. I have positioned the tool as a personal knowledge management and cognitive networking application within the org. The tool automatically bubbles up knowledge assets relevant to the employee from various sources within the organization and also allows them to connect with and view their colleagues' knowledge profiles. 

Once we were through with the first release, I immediately jumped into phase 2 of the project plan but, as expected, some other entities do not want to keep running at the same speed. So, I'm trying to relax and slow down a bit for a while. But all said and done, I truly believe that....


Last week, I came across this interesting consulting organization called Engage for Change. (Thanks to my Twitter circle) Their values and approaches resonate with me and intrigue me. It would be wonderful to watch them go about one of their projects, help organizations engage with their employees and implement the concepts of 'Distributed Leadership'. Such projects are enormously more complex and satisfying than a business strategy formulation project.


In other news, I think this will fit into one of the top slots in my list of regrets - My missing Nanyang's MBA in KM - though there is absolutely nothing I could have done about it because this course did not exist when I graduated. 

I was looking up the current MBA curriculum in various B-Schools when I bumped into Nanyang's MBA in KM. Slurp. But doing this now would be absurd. Too late. Had I seen this after 2-3 years of corporate experience, it may have been a good idea to pursue it. After all, my entry into KM was an overnight incident and was influenced by my need to find a worthwhile job rather than any specific desire to get into KM. It was destiny that brought me into KM and, luckily, I just happened to get fascinated by the subject once I was introduced to it.


HT to @DavidGurteen

Finally, check out this wonderful video on the importance of prototyping and quick collaboration skills for a team's success. Collaboration skills are increasingly important in today's global environment and I think KM initiatives need to be well supported by training programs on collaboration and team-work. 


Prashant Sree said...

Hi Nimmy,

Blasphemy by me, by not being visiting ur blog for quite sometime (say, close to 5-6 months) ! Nice to see all ur tweets in a philosophical sense ! ;D

Guess, the right things happen at the right time, no matter how much we want to fast-forward the action.

Warm regards,


Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant,

LoL... :-) You won't believe this. Telepathy. Just yesterday I recalled the fact that you were earlier one of the most frequent commentors on this blog. But I obviously know your MBA will not give you time for anything outside regular studies. :-)

You said it. No matter how much we want to fast forward things (or for that matter slow them down), things will continue to happen at "their own" pace. Can't control everything around us. We just must accept it while doing whatever we think we should. Hmm..

Drop in...whenever you find the time. :-)

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