Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reverse Brainstorming

I love paradox thinking! Totally into it! Fascinated by it, you know! Would be game to try almost everything that suggests a "reverse" approach! [Thanks to Derm Barret's book's - The Paradox Process - influence on me!] :-)

This is the latest paradoxical idea that I've bumped into and am craving for an appropriate opportunity to try it out! David Gurteeen's "Reverse Brainstorming". Extracts:


The concept is simple: rather than brainstorm what you want - brain storm the opposite of what you want. For example, if you would like your KM project to be a success don't ask "How do we ensure our KM project is a success?" but ask "How do we ensure that our KM project is a total miserable failure?"

They are then taken through a process of prioritizing those items and coming up with antidotes i.e. things that if done would ensure the failures would not happen. Next they share these possible responses and insights between the groups.

This works best with about 30 people i.e six groups of five people.


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Yayaver said...

Nimmy. working with paradox way is like choosing mo solution in the universal set. The complement of a set A is everything that is not in A; Yaa, this method eliminate wrong decisions still its hit and trial method. But new way of approach in KM.. ANY PRACTICAL example... will help