Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Doodle

I just discovered that Google threw its "gOOgle - logo - spotlight" on A&O on the occasion of Asterix Comic's 50th Anniversary on Oct 29th, 09. Source: Google Doodles Page

So, why am I putting up a post on this delightful incident? What purpose does it serve? Nothing really...except that....

1. I like Google
2. I like Asterix and Obelix
3. I like the sketch (logo) above
4. I think it will make my blog look a bit colourful and jolly for the next few weeks
5. Today is Friday and the unwritten rule is that one can blog about anything on a Friday...irrespective of what the title of the blog claims to focus on
6. I just crossed the Ts and dotted the Is in a so-called creative piece of work and would like to believe that the immediate future, now that I have intervened, looks cool and promising. So, I am taking a break to post something that gives me a kick (Pun unintended. I am not referring to Asterix's gesture above)

Fantastix, whatix?
PS: The only complaint I have about the sketch above is that Dogmatix is conspicuous by his absence. Growl.


Caveman said...

Getafix, Unhygenix Vitalstatistix. Fulliautomatix is a real Impedimenta in Cacafonix's bone and he's becoming Geriatrix. Alea jacta est!

tut.. tut.. dogmatix not around Obelix is no fun at all. Thank Toutatis that a tree isn't being uprooted in the google scene.

Asterix* (by jupiter, didja know asterix and obelix share the same birthday?) :)

sorry, tried my best to resist, but couldn't help leaving a comment coz i love asterix, obelix and dogmatix too, cleopatra.

Nimmy said...

Such an aptix commentix, Jaix! Thankix! :-) Why resistix? Please, for Toutatis's sake, leave your comments! This blog welcomes comments of all shapes, sizes and colours. No discrimination whatsoever! By Julius Ceaser!

Have a great weekendix! :-)

Caveman said...

"Ceaser"?? Et tu Nimmy?? Nix, nix! C'est "Caesar".

Anywaysix, as Shake-a-pair-ix would sayix, "What's in a name-ix? That who we know as Caesar, by any other name-ix would still be Jules ol' boy". ;)

Ave Gaul! Have a gr8 Sundix :-)

KayKap said...

Such ramblix does for a greatix friday-ix make; Also serv-ix to confound-ix and confus-ix all non Aster-ix, Obel-ix and other ix fans. Hope thy weekend has been fantast-ix and U r all geared for the coming Week-ix.

Nimmy said...

@Jai: Gasp~! So, I finally made the mistake! Red-faced now. Caesar!! Caesar!! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!
I knew something was wrong...I knew Caesar had ceased to be both Ceasar and Ceaser. Tut tut. OK. The blunder has been committed. No point crying over it, is there? Sigh. Ave Gaul!

@KKoo: Isn't that the idea-ix? To confound all the non-ix? Now...gearing up for this weekend-ix. OOps. sorry. I mean this week-ix.

Caveman said...

@KayKap: Ma'am, you don't know Asterix?! Ten Thousand Blistering Barnacles in a Thundering Typhoon!! Not done at all!! you'll need to; to become a fellow member of the 'Ramblers Ring' :)

Have a wonderful and productive work-week, ladies :-)

KayKap said...

@ Caveman, Sireee
I didn-ix say-ix i dunno Asterix/ was referring to other visitor-ix to this blog who sure wd have got confound-ix and confus-ix.
Me been friendix and fanix for too long now (at least the last 34 year-ix)
But thankees for thine wonderful wish for the week :-)

Caveman said...

@KayKap: Friendix and Fanix of whom for the past 34 year-ix :? ??????????? ????? :?