Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cartoon Dreams

Ah! Wonders never cease! I find it really hard to believe that this could have happened! It's a magical world! Everything is interconnected. Anything is possible. Coincidences take us by surprise however frequently they occur and make us ponder over the mysteries and joys of life. OK. Let me stop rambling unnecessarily and come quickly to the point.

Some of you blog-friends may be aware that I adore cartoons. Most of my close friends - the ones that I work(ed) with - are also aware of my fascination for cartoons. So, a thoughtful friend working with another organization wrote to me and asked me to answer a set of questions (related to preferences in music, movies, friends, profession, colour, extra-curricular activitie
s, places etc) after which she said she would tell me what cartoon character I happen to 'resemble'. Now, I've seen quite a few such surveys before - not related to cartoon characters but other types of characterizations. I knew nothing about the way the survey worked and had no clue what cartoon characters we were being compared with. Nor did my friend, as it was on online thingy that her organization had put up in their own employee-fun portal. Nevertheless, she went the extra mile to feed in my response to the survey and got back to me with the results. She said she was not at all surprised about what cartoon character I had turned out to 'be' and said she might have as well guessed the results.

But I was too stunned to even react. I even suspected that
she was just trying to make me feel happy by telling me that I resembled the cartoon character I am, arguably, most devoted to or more importantly, the cartoon character I am most able to relate to. But on interrogating her further it was pretty obvious to me that she had done nothing to manipulate the results in my favour. Any guesses? Take a quick look at this entire page and you should be able to say it in a second or two. Actually, how stupid of me...you have to be afflicted with some kind of strange blindness to skip the image immediately below this write up to take a look at the rest of the page. In fact you'd have obviously spotted this image long before you even started reading the post. So much for all the silly suspense I was trying to build!

So...what shall I say? My friend made my day by telling me about this astonishingly intriguing survey and its results for me. This little fella Calvin is undoubtedly the most lovable little - cartoon - child I know of, however notorious. Er...please....it doesn't mean to say I think I am the most lovable little child...not at all....far from it. Just that it feels unbelievably good to know that you have shades of someone/something you admire and love. Maybe that's the very reason why we are able to relate to that someone/something so much!

PS: I am not so sure I like the expression on Calvin's face in the pic above though! ;-) And, well, extending my thoughts a bit further, if there is any other cartoon I reckon I may have been equally pleased to be thought of as resembling, it would undoubtedly be the one and only Bugs Bunny! :-)) Wassup doc? ;-) But to be honest, I think Bugs Bunny is many shades too cool, calm, composed and witty for me. That's wishful thinking on my part.

A question for you to end the post: Who would you rather be? Think about it.... (Power puff girls? Dexter? He Man? Phantom? Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck? Superman? Asterix? Obelix? Tintin? Tom? Jerry? Popeye? etc)


Yayaver said...

Hahaha, good post.Nothing more attract us than philosophical view of Calvin. 'The Mask' would be the best representation of my alter ego but nothing is like Phantom, the ghost who walks (for me the ghost who sleeps in the class )....

Idea said...

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Nimmy said...

Hello Yayaver, Good to see your comment...as usual! :-) Ah...so you'd be Phantom, eh? Interesting!! And what a solid life! :-))

Idea: Thanks for the tip. Will look up the site...!