Wednesday, May 06, 2009

An Unusual Post

An unusual post that caught my attention - You can read it here. The message: It’s OK to be fooled. Learn to laugh at yourself and yet don’t let the experience dictate to your trusting nature. Here are some extracts that I found to be compelling.

We’re going to be fooled sometimes. Especially if we easily place our confidence in people. But I’m not going to give up trusting just to avoid being had.

I’ve observed that some of the happiest people I know are far from being the most wary – in fact, they are quite often open and trusting. These contented folks share at least two traits.

The first is that they are trustworthy. They are known to be honest and true to their word.

And the second trait these happy and satisfied people share is that they easily trust others. Sometimes their trust is misplaced, but they’ve discovered that the benefits of trusting usually outweigh the risks of disappointment.

To be honest, I am not completely sure that the benefits of trusting always outweigh the risks of disappointment. But I, nevertheless, buy the overall argument by Steve. I especially love the way Steve ends his post:

And I’d rather believe there is goodness in most people, for that is the only way to find it.

Quite true! But I’d be surprised if people find it easy to trust others given the complicated times that we live in. I think a lot of it comes from our natural and inherent qualities that have somehow – magically – been left intact even as we waded through the vagaries of life.

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