Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Design Guide

Aah! So, it's not just me who keeps picking up something or the other to rave/ramble/rant about from C&H. Check this out...a guide to design inspired by the incredible C&H pair. Beautiful!

PS: Incidentally, the last strip in the post was apparently Bill Watterson's last cartoon strip as well.


Yayaver said...

Thanks for this perfect post.I am huge supporter of innovation but still leans towards conservatism and nostalgia.I have incoprated "The Calvin & Hobbes Super-Stupendous Guide to Design" in my blog.It was the best post ever read by me on design.From now on, Bill Watterson is god to me and Calvin & Hobbes as will form holy trinity with him.

Nimmy said...

:-) Thanks to the original author. C&H is a perfect cartoon strip. There is absolutely no scope for improvement! :-))