Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Updates as Blog Posts....

Why would it to be good for organizations to make use of blogs as a substitute for weekly reports and updates? Imagine how much of a difference it would make:

1. Search would be possible (No need to look through email folders and worry about misplaced emails or lost emails)
2. Tags would make it easier for people to locate updates related to a particular activity
3. When the employee or her manager leaves, the new person who takes over will have a wonderful record of the project's history and milestones/challenges etc!
4. Would be easy to invite third parties to take a look at project progress when the need arises


R.K. said...

And guess what !
I would be able to mention that in the experience section of my Resume . :)
Unlike my other storage places, i would be able to give that space any name as i desire.
The Annual Report of an employee could include something like "You've got excellent comments for whatever you do. The counter comments by the owner is a great marketing strategy". :)

Keep following that strategy .

Nimmy said...

Hmm.....:)....I was talking about Blogs within organizational firewalls...but yes, it provides for a lot of transparency which means it can be verified! Internal job rotation would be a case in point! :)

Priyanka D said...

Its interesting.. what you are saying is using a blog as a project management tool. Thats a really good idea.
We in our office use google docs, wikis and ourown PM software to manage and collaborate.

Nimmy said...

Thanks for the comment, Prinyanka. Wikis can perhaps replace blogs in cases where there are multiple reports and no need for 'aggregating' the report into one. DeskAway seems like an interesting product....thanks for the link.

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Very good...oye Very good
And add adsense too.
What an idea madamjee.

vinod said...

Nimmy thats a very good idea - hopefully companies agree to that - and the blog owner(HR/PM) can add the new user based on needs if they see any data security issues. I feel except for data sec issues its a very good idea for Knowledge repository and transfer.

Nimmy said...

Hey Hobo....thanks for the appreciation....but I think this idea is not original...a lot of people are now talking about moving away from email and leveraging on web 2.0 elements for collaboration, communication and innovation. :-) my job was to simply think aloud about the advantages of using a blog... :)

Hey Vinod....great to hear from've come back after a loooong time! :-) thanks for the thoughtful comment! I think data security issues can be solved by protecting the blog and allowing only selected people to access it....similar to the feature that blogspot provides us with! :)