Friday, February 13, 2009

No Kidding...

No kidding! :-) This is a brilliant example of paradox thinking..! (In other - Hindi - words, kya bath hai!*) Calvin's certainly one of the most insightful kids I've ever come across. A few days back, I pondered over my lack of paradox thinking and wondered why I have not even observed it happening around me (which I normally do). So, this is intellectual Manna from Heaven..

A perfect weekend post as far as I am concerned. ;-) Warning: Do not try to imitate Calvin. And don't ever show it to your doggy if you have one - when push comes to shove, your doggy is bound to recall this gem of an idea while you yourself are likely to have forgotten it altogether.

*kya bath hai - Hindi exclamation that reflects appreciation of something!

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Yayaver said...

calvin is close to heart to mine.He is the kid in the grown up man.Collected lot of his comics in pdf form due to his unique sense of humor.

KK Landim said...

I love Calvin!


Nimmy said...

Yayaver and Landim: Welcome to Calvin's party!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Its 11:20am and I havent bath yet.