Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Twin Quotes

Tao says "Your biggest strength is your biggest weakness" and "Your biggest weakness is your biggest strength"

Someone sent me a quote today which reads "Your biggest strength is the (your) weakness that you know"

The Baghavad Gita says "Knowledge is Action"

So, here's the conclusion :) - One must know what one's weaknesses are and then do something about it....or simply be prepared for situations that test one's strength (read knowledge of weakness)...think about it.... :)


Gautam Ghosh said...

as a boss of mine used to say "We all specialise in the area of our weakness"

Hmm...what does that say about my interest in Knowledge and Learning ;-)?

But seriously, have you read "Now break all the rules?" by Buckingham ? If not, then please do !

Nimmy said...

Hey Gautam,

'Tis good to see your comments :)

Now...you've given me a reason to step into a book-shop this week-end yet again while it was just what I'd planned to not do for the next 23 years - as I'd probably need those many years to read the books I've already invested in... ;)

Just thought of something...why don't you publish a list of all those nice books you've read and tag them to appropriate topics? It would become a reference point to book-collecters (how I would like say book-readers instead!) like me... :D

Craig Harper said...

Great Post Nimmy!

My Favourite Saying:

"We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are."

Have you ever helped a friend through a relationship crisis and been absolutely stunned and amazed when you got around to chatting to their significant other to get their interpretation of events?

It's like, "are you guys talking about the same thing?"

How can two people in the one relationship or situation, talking about the same issues, have such a completely different take on things and both 'know' they're right? This happens in marriages, workplaces, friendships and a range of situations, every second of every day, in every corner of the globe.

It's called perspective; how WE personally see things.

Our reality.

Keep up the great writing Nimmy!

Craig Harper

Nimmy said...

Hi Craig,

Thanks for leaving your thoughts on my blog! :-)

It's wonderful to know you're a motivational speaker (apart from playing many other roles to help people improve their lives)! It feels really nice to hear from someone like you! Your feedback inspires me to think better and well...more often! :D

PS: Checked your website...I too believe in being silly at times... and don't care what others think...:D

Hari said...
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Hari said...

There is an interesting story that can contribute to this concept (told by my sister)
There was a guy who wanted to become an expert in martial arts and win the first place in an international competition. His desire for this was deep and strong. He had started practicing very hard for this. Unfortunately he met with an accident that resulted in his left hand being amputated.
So his dreams went crashing and he was really depressed. He had even contemplated suicide. Luckily he met a Guru who took him under his guidance. This guru was a very learned man and but not really an expert in martial arts. This guru promised this guy that he would help him win the competition. This guy trusted him and agreed to do whatever the guru told him.
The guru took him to his ashram and the first day he taught him one complete set of movements and asked him to practice it. This guy practiced it all day. The nest day the guru asked him to practice the same and this guy did. This went on for days, months and a couple of years. Every day the guru would ask him to practice the same steps and this guy would practice that with all his heart.

At the end of a couple of years, this guy started getting suspicious. He started wondering why the same step over and over again; all the time; and how will he ever win the competition at this rate. He went to the guru with his doubts. The guru just smiled and told him “now you are ready for the competition” and got him enrolled for the competition scheduled to start in a couple of days.
This guy got really worried, but he trusted the guru and went to participate in the competition. He defeated the first competitor, the second one and so on and went ahead to win the whole competition.

He was really astonished. He came to the guru and asked him "HOW?" The guru told him, "The movements that I taught you, they are a special set, which has only one antidote. The opposite guy has to pull your left hand for preventing the attack. Since you don’t have a left hand, there is nothing that the other guy can do".

Story to highlight how a weakness can be converted to your strength, with the right thought and guidance.