Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Gifts...A Couple of Wonderful Blogs

Craig Harper left a comment on one of my blog posts and I followed it to his website. And look what I found.... :-). (He's got some wonderful stuff on his site if you're looking for inspiration and motivation in life....)

Don't let life happen to you....

I can't imagine getting to read such good stuff from across the world without the wonderful platform that blogs offer...

Talking of inspiration and motivation, one of my friends (who's recently been pumping me with some real good stuff) has led me to another wonderful blog whose author calls himself a Chief Happiness Officer :-). That's cute! :) He also is offering a free book - Christmas gift - on How to be happy at work!

Yoho!!! Merry Christmas everyone !!!! :)


Mohamed Taher said...

First, Happy Holidays.
Second, thanks for the great insights--I have acknowledged your help in my today's post.
My 2007 resolution is a friendly deal to get more comments via a give and take path.
Best wishes.

Nimmy said...

Thank you so much MT!

Here's wishing you too happy holidays and a wonderful new year as well! Let's continue to learn from each other for years to come! :)