Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Providence, PLUM and I

I ought to be jumping up and down with joy...really! Providence has helped me get my hands on some PLUM (P G Wodehouse) books that I had earlier combed Bangalore's bookshops and libraries for but in vain. Though these books are from the library and I can't possibly think about owning them, the fact that I've an opportunity to at least read them once in my life is something to be jumping up and down about. The books that I've got so far (and hopefully I will get to read more than this if I am around in UK longer) are...

1. Very Good, Jeeves
2. Something Fishy
3. Doctor Sally
4. Louder and Funnier
5. The Small Bachelor


Reading book # 2 now. Came across this yesterday and laughed away to glory....

"Poverty is the banana skin at the doorstep of romance". Haaaa Haaa Haaa :) What prose, o boy! Hats off to the one and only PLUM...eh?

Update: I've managed to read a lot more of PLUM's books
- A gentleman of leisure
- The old reliable
- Wodehouse - A life by Robert McCrum
- The girl on the boat
- A few quick ones
- Aunt's aren't gentlemen
- Ice in the bedroom
- Bill the conqueror
- Money in the bank
- Do butlers burgle banks
- Indiscretions of Archie
- If I were you (This one's wonderful)

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Sarita Shekhar said...

hahahahaha... a refreshing bunch of posts you have here; especially the ones on the new books!!!