Monday, July 03, 2006

Blogs and the future....of the world

I've been wondering about this since yesterday.

What if someone were to have all that it takes to run an intelligent tool through all the blogs in the world and find out...

1. Which country has the maximum number of blogs?
2. What are the profiles of the people who blog in each of the countries? (Age, Gender, Education, etc)
3. What are the most popular topics that are blogged about in each country (alongside information about the people who belong to a particular type-set.....for each of these topics)?
4. What are people generally thinking about things that have a direct impact on the economy of their country? (Money, Share-market, Spending, Saving, Careers etc)
5. Is there some sort of a world-trend that can be predicted by mining all this information being poured into blogs day in and day out?

Any answers? You must be having some thoughts if you are into Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and the like...!


Aditya said...

hi nimmy
thnx for visiting my blog too
and thnx for replying back....
btw i guess some sort of data mining technology can help extract valuable reader response adn sonsumer response to the markets.. the governments and other fragile issues of the world

Gautam Ghosh said...

your wish has been answered

check here

Nimmy said...

wow, gautam! you simply know everything about the world of blogs...i.e. what lurks where in the blogosphere!!!!
i really know the answers to my questions now...except of course predicting a world trend from all of this information...if at all anything like that makes sense....(representative sampling?)

Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Nimmy
I have done a post that is all ado about: Visualizing Comments on Blogs.
You will find surveys, mindmaps, etc.
Best, Mohamed