Monday, October 24, 2005

Paradox Thinking - Traffic Jams

I engaged in paradox thinking yet again. :-) I was in the office bus on what was to be yet another 3-hour journey home from office, last week. As I looked out the window at the fellow travelers and billboards, I observed an advt. for couches.  It triggered off my thinking and in about 6-7 seconds I was thinking about various things and connecting them all together. One of the obvious thoughts on my mind was solutions for the traffic problem in Bangalore. This in connection with the advt. got me thinking in the opposite direction. If we can’t make it home on time and end up wasting a hell lot of time in traveling, why not bring the home to the bus!? This may sound pessimistic, but I seriously don’t know what else to think off the cuff. So, proceeding with the thinking, why not build buses and cars that are mini homes. That is anyways nothing new. There are luxury cars with sofas, TVs, and refrigerators. That would help us do what we would anyway be doing once we reach home – read/watch TV/eat. Talking is anyways already possible what with mobiles et al.


So, how did I get the idea? By combining 2-3 thoughts! Traffic, an advt, the concept of paradox thinking….combining many thoughts indeed works wonders. Collaboration invariably leads to innovation. Combination of ideas creates the knowledge sundae a la the combination of ice cream, chocolate and nuts. :-)


Related post – on one another day last week, I was in my bus and happened to look at the bus next to mine and saw a newspaper sticking to the window. Saw the headline “Bangalore roads may be Jam-free”. I was of course filled to the brim with the urge to reach out and break the window and grab the paper. I rushed to the library to check out if it was that day’s paper only to realize that it wasn’t to my disappointment. Did anyone read the article? What exactly does it say? What are the solutions proposed? And BTW, ironically, I also was amused to notice an advt. for British Airways right next to the article that read “The world is waiting”. Indeed! The world is waiting for Bangalore’s roads to be jam-free not to forget free from pot-holes as well…

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