Monday, October 03, 2005

Nimmy's enlightening statements....ha ha ha (Part II)

Why would Corporate Blogging be successful?

Blogs have a personal feel to them. They are self-centric and will not, in my opinion, be seen as a “here’s-how-you-can-help-others” initiative by the bloggers themselves, even though, in reality, that is what it may be. What kind of a feeling will one get when one picks up the pen and writes into one’s diary? One of altruism? Noh! Actually, ‘good’ bloggers get the due recognition and following even while others are benefiting out of the blogger’s knowledge. So, blogging will work better than asking people to write articles and papers and upload it into the repository for the ‘benefit of the rest of the organization’! I got to add that it will work…unless you are dealing with a lot that is overtly cautious and suspecting of its colleagues/a lot that hates writing and is highly oriented towards auditory learning/a lot that works in a scenario that is so badly organized and planned that there is no time left for writing (which, admittedly, can be time-consuming).


Ajit Chouhan said...

I guess unless organiations allow individual their own creative space,corporate bogging will not find a meaning....Anyways nice stuff...

Nimmy said...


Thanks....I very quickly breezed through your blogs and think they are all cool! :) And the templates you've used are superb too! :) You created them yourself? And well, let me also add that we have amazingly similar interests!! :o
I ought to read up all your posts sometime....(thinking aloud - when will I find the time!!???)