Monday, March 07, 2005

Blogging Patterns

I've begun to see a pattern in my endeavor to Blog. And I think it can be linked to the LSRW (Listen, Speak, Read, Write) method of education. The sum of each individual's L, S, R and W quotients is what maketh a (wo)man; And then there's the X factor too, I suppose. My Blog posts (I speak for myself but do believe that this might be applicable to every Blogger and what varies is the degree of the LSRW spread) can either be classified as creative or analytical.

Creative posts are linked to the S and W quotient - those that normally originate from within, while the analytical posts are linked to the L and R quotient - those that are a result of stimulation from outside. A Blog ought to have posts that pass on information acquired by listening and reading. It also ought to bring out one's own 'speeches' and 'writing talent'. A good mix of all these is what maketh a Blog interesting! Ain't it so? :)

I presume that the thought-leaders and creative types of Bloggers will stuff their Blog with juicy speeches and write-ups while the analysts and information-crunching types will pass on what they got to listen to and read about. Sprinkled with their analysis...

At the risk of giving you an opportunity to kill me for paralysis through analysis, let me go on and swim a little bit further into this topic. What you listen to can be spoken about and written about with your own value-adds. :) What you read about can be referred to...again with your own value-adds. What you speak about when translated into a write-up helps you crystallize the idea even better. What you have already written becomes really easy to be spoken about as the ideas have been etched in your mind. What you listen to and read about also...when written, helps you reiterate the ideas to yourself. Does seem like everything boils down to writing... doesn't it?

Okay, I am done with my rambling on the topic hopefully....for you! ;)

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