Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A child that has arrived,
Is one that has derived

the beverage of life from its mother's bosom
the warmth of affection from its mother's kisses
the courage of connection from its mother's umbilical cord
the gift of the gab from its mother's murmurings
the luxury of lazing around from its mother's lap
the depth of sensitivity from its mother's gaze 
the courtesy to contribute from its mother's hands
the confidence of doing right from its mother's advice
the bliss of being right from its mother's trust

Mother; the mother of all sources
Mother; the origin of positive forces


Sakshi Nanda said...

Really liked - "the bliss of being right from its mother's trust". I am a mother, and I think you have penned this really thoughtfully and touchingly.

Nimmy said...

Thanks a lot, Sakshi. :-)

Kapil Verma said...

nice lines........!!!