Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Social Media

Disclaimer: Please ask your mobile service provider to activate your sense of humor before reading further.
Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, including you, except Yours Truly is merely and purely coincidental.

Selfies, sunsets, babies and cats
Some bouquets and a few brickbats

Like, comment or lazily lurk
Fool around, think a bit or just burp

Boast a bit or somewhat less or a lot
Declare whether life is cool or hot 

Birthdays, weddings, parties and all
Trips to everywhere, now on the wall

What was for lunch and what for dinner
Who is the saint and who the sinner

Sports, movies, politics and religion
What to embrace and what to shun

Obsess about an idea or a cause   
And garner some passing applause

Share nonsensical poetry 
Indulge in honest or random flattery 

Talk about this; talk about that
Go around in circles; say Howzzat 

Wonder what the heck is happening
And quit the whole damn thing 

Is your sense of humor intact? *Peace*
Please continue what you were doing.

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