Monday, December 31, 2012


It's always a cacophony of voices
The voice looking for someone to blame
The voice lurking around for fame

The voice that loses the heart of the problem
The voice that focuses only on 'they' and 'them'
The voice that is obsessed with the cause
The voice that screams without a pause

The voice that brims with sympathy and sorrow 
The voice that is not itself but borrowed
The voice that calls for instant action
The voice that craves for a permanent solution

The voice that forgets the flaws of the soul within
The voice that just wants revenge for sin
The voice that is suppressed and silent
The voice that reacts to the herd and is compelled to vent

The voice that, despite the despair, wants to dominate
The voice that, meanwhile, meekly subscribes to fate
The voice that knows no reality
The voice that is recorded for posterity 

It's always a cacophony of voices
(Why not?) After all, it's a world full of choices


Jay Singh said...

Hi Nimmy,

Yes, there are many different voices which one listens to in any given day.
"The voice that calls for instant action." I connected with this voice quite a lot.

Happy new year Nimmy.


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Sreejith Thampi said...

True, and what we want is a MUTE button.

Nice lines, and rhymes well

Nimmy said...

Thanks so much for the comments, Jay and Sreejith.

@Sreejith: Good one! The Mute button is what may prevent insanity from striking many a time.

Looking forward to your thoughts in future posts as well!

Happy New Year! :)

Anjali said...

At various times we have been those different voices. Good one Nimmy.

Nimmy said...

@Anjeli: That is 100% true!~ :-)) Xx So, how have you been you master chef?