Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fluttering Within

Fluttering Within

Act 1: Square one

Unknown purpose, a random & empty life, uncertainty was the king
The bird knew not what the next day would bring
Nothing unique or special to hum, tweet or sing
Nothing to hang on to and yet happy not to cling
Stuck in a bare cage, she almost had no idea she had wings 

Act 2: Change of scene

Wonderful dreams of many soothing colours
Soft and fluffy clouds that beckoned the bird to rest 
Rows and rows of bright and happy flowers
Everything seemed to be safe and right in its nest 

The bird had been finally let out of her dreaded cage
She flew with her wings stretched in freedom and joy
Only to suddenly find herself being chased back in a rage
Destiny had worn a deceptive mask and dropped it as if only a toy   

There came a sudden storm that swept everything away 
And left nothing but destruction, dust and dirt for miles 
The clouds had turned dark and night had replaced day
The sky had lost its splendid colours and twinkling smiles  

Act 3: Back to Square one

The bird crawled back into the cage in sheer disbelief
The dream had been so cruelly tempting and painfully brief 
It was all short-lived, the so-called freedom and relief
It would forever be a confusing memory tinged with grief
But the bird shook herself yet again, mustered strength and turned a new leaf 

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The Bird Shall Fly Again

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