Tuesday, November 15, 2011

KM Asia 2011

Here is a very high-level mind-map of the recently conducted KM Asia 2011 Conference. Please note that this is only a bird's eye-view of the proceedings. You can look up the #kmasia11 hash-tag in Twitter for more details, ideas and thoughts from the conference attendees. 


Stuart French said...

Great to see my session fell outside the regular taxonomy. My aim was to stretch people's heads to think differently :)

Nimmy said...

Staurt: Please accept my apologies. I missed your block in the mind-map though I had been intending to add it as a separate piece under concepts/thought-leadership. Your initial session was enough to communicate the novelty of the idea but I wish I had had the opportunity to attend your workshop as that would have helped me understand its application in business. :-|

But, yes, your session most certainly fell out of the regular KM circle of topics...maybe that's why it slipped my mind. :-P

Next time around, I hope I can sign up for your workshop! :-)

Yellow converse high tops said...

This high level map looks more complex to me than my school geography tests(which i dreaded most).Anyway,thanks for saring.