Friday, September 16, 2011

Death of Deprivation

Deprivation of Love is death of the Soul
Deprivation of Knowledge is death of the Mind
Deprivation of Trust is death of the Heart

Deprivation of air, water and food is death of the Body
Deprivation of Freedom is death of Individuality 
Deprivation of Conversations is death of Relationships

Death of Deprivation is all we need.

Give your Children all you've got. Because you're all they've got. Happy Families are the foundation of a happy world. 

PS: Update: (Optional ;-))

Deprivation of Encouragement is death of Confidence
Deprivation of Travel is death of Wonder
Deprivation of Financial Assistance is death of Choice


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Bravo Nimmy.

Did you write this as an original?

If so, very well donne.


Tathagata Ghosh said...

yup, the simplest solution to all the problems.. thumps up!

Nimmy said...

:-) Yup, Mike. Came to me from somewhere out there yesterday night. I think it was when I was watching an emotional scene in a music reality program.

Nimmy said...

Thanks, Ghosh!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Well done Nimmy:

This is how I write mostly...pure inspiration, put not always when commenting on your blog :D


Aragorn said...

Interesting thoughts. quite insightful ones, too.

Here's few more:

Deprivation of Deprivation is death of variety ! ;)


Nimmy said...

Hey Prashant, How've you been? :)