Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The sum of divinity

The serenity of Buddha's face. The compassion & forgiveness in Jesus's arms.  The wisdom in Krishna's words.  The sum of divinity. 


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Nimmy:

You forgot to mention, the gift to this world that goes by the name of Nimmy.

Take care,

Nimmy said...


That is too generous a compliment! Mindbogglingly kind of you! :-) Honored & humbled. :-)


Srikumar K said...

Two people were wandering on a plateau. The only way to come down was a tree branch. One of them came down and cut off the branch. He went to london. The other was left on the plateau. Due to some strange luck he could get down just when he was about to die. He also came back to London and met all his friends as well as the one who cut the branch. Then he went off.

Nimmy said...


Welcome back! :-)

Reminds me of a story (novel) I read many years ago. The protagonist of the story lives with the sole aim of getting his revenge but ultimately changes his mind and forgives the 'villain' who did every harm one can possibly imagine, to the former. Infinite strength of character!

Srikumar K said...

The story I wrote about is very different. The 'other person' of the story never even thought bad of the person who cheated him. He is above that. He has no time for it. A true Gandhian. "If somebody does bad to me it is okay. But I wont do it to others." I want to rise to that level.

Nimmy said...

Got it. Thanks for specifically pointing it out. Such a person is "above" vices like revenge and hatred! :-)