Saturday, February 05, 2011

Life Again

A couple of introspective moments:

Life has such an ironic sense of humor. It sometimes kills the usually sensitive and careful people for doing just one wrong thing or saying something inappropriate (during a rare or confused instance) but it may accept or become indifferent (immune) to people who do nothing but inappropriate things most of their lives. Ha ha. :-)


It is howlarious and ridiculous how we interpret sorrow or drawbacks according to our convenience. Human behaviour is such a comic thing. Depending on whom the sorrow/drawback invades, we attribute it to radically different causes that our collective or individual mind/ego is satisfied with. It could be "something they deserve to get for their wrongs" or "a result of their/our past sins" or "just a part of life" or "the consequence of ill-wishes or jealousy of others" or "a required learning experience". We need to grow up. Big time. :-)


Anonymous said...

liked your introspective moments:)

Nimmy said...

:-) glad you like them...fellow lioness!

Srikumar K said...

Your introspective moments are really thoughtful and mature. Very Good.

Nimmy said...

Thanks, SK. I'm glad you did not see any "negativity" in these thoughts. I was afraid some people would think I am focusing on what is wrong with us rather than what is right with us!