Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life and a Couple of C&H Cartoons

Pic 1: Cartoonist: Bill Watterson (Source: Google Images) 

The last three days have been pretty busy and focused. Been staring at presentations, doing online training programs, creating and juggling slides, testing applications, thinking hard (you'd better believe me), reading up on and learning about some new topics and following up with elusive people etc. So, time for a silly, relaxed, prolonged and deliberate smile. Plus a bloggy breather like this one. 
Pic 2: Cartoonist: Bill Watterson (Source: Google Images)

Closely observe Pic 1 and Pic 2 above (by the world's best cartoonist ever). Do you see what I see? The clue is obvious in Pic 2. Give up? Hold your breath. Let me reveal my stunning, mind-blowing and overwhelming discovery. If you let your eyes swing between these two pictures, you ought to have these words popping up in your mind as you move from Pic 1 to Pic 2.

These pictures are a perfect reflection of life as a function of time.

January --------------------------------------- December
Monday --------------------------------------- Friday
AM -------------------------------------------- PM

Now that I am done with my quota of both the silly smile and the silly bloggy breather, allow me to lead you to Bill Watterson's first ever interview since 1989. Should have been a much longer one given his silence and reclusion all these years...!

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Ms.V said...

Calvin and Hobbes is one strip that has forever been funny; even when Garfield kind of got boring! If only there could have been some transfer of creativity by association! Die hard fans like me would have been blessed! :)