Monday, October 12, 2009

It Starts With Me

Here it comes. Finally. Phew. The sweet spot of writing. The poem that escaped me for a long time.

For the past I-don't-know-how-many weeks, I've been craving to write a sensible (for lack of a better word) poem. The craving was severe particularly and more so because I think it's been a long while since I even wrote an original and satisfying blog post. Sometimes I feel alive only when I manage to write something that makes me think, learn and, of course, flows deep from the heart - from an unknown and magical source. So, not being able to write something satisfying means going around like a non-living entity, more often than not. But the catch is that it has to just flow - one can never force it out. Reading something thought-provoking, at times, does the job - it opens up the unknown and magical source - but what I love even more is when the thought just floats in or jumps out from nowhere in particular. Such an experience leaves you utterly butterly happy and vaguely conscious of a positive Force that leads you to joy, wisdom and soul-power.

No more of the chit-chat. Here's the poem:

I listened to the music of the waves rushing back and forth and stood still on the shore
I beamed at the magnificent tree standing tall, wise and green

I gaped at the vast and generous sky with its fluffy white clouds
I watched the lively stream gush with joy

I stood mesmerized in front of the powerful and strong waterfall
I wondered in awe at the flock of birds that flew in total harmony
I blinked at the beauty of the tiny blade of grass and the dew drops on it

I stopped to admire the colorful flowers smile with warmth and purity
I froze in shocked silence as my thoughts wandered toward human greed and stupidity

Suddenly a voice within said softly - "Be the change you want to see"


Caveman said...

Love the imagery. Utterly, butterly delicious ;)

Now, if only we could all be (more) enthralled and in tune with nature than with the material aspects of life...

I agree, change needs to start with the (wo)man in the mirror; and it's a real struggle when you get down to the business end of it :)

Nimmy said...

@Caveman: Caveman was much better at this than us (i'm leaving you out of this as you are a caveman) moth-eaten modern monkeys, na?

Surya said...


I am happy that I came across some subjects!

I am noway qualified to comment on this poem, where somebody(you) hailing for a change-but- well after the change! Now let others decide, whether they are in need of a change or not!(sorry, they wont go for it that they love 'permanency).....

Still I wonder that you edited something from the poetry which you perceived while standing there on the banks of the waterbody looking at the waves-yes-you would have perceived the unreached depths beyond the waves-which you reserved for yourself without disclossing!

I will be blessed if a visit to my blog happends from your good self!
Let there be a time, where time permit you to reach...

Thank you!

asimov said...

Rushing waves, standing tall,fluffy clouds,lively stream, flock of birds, blinked at beauty,shocked silence- excellent choice of words.Shocked silence invokes too many meanings. That is poetry. I expect more from you.

Nimmy said...

@Surya: Thanks for leaving a comment! Well, I am not sure what gave you the feeling that there is more to this poem....but, no, I just wrote down whatever came to me. Did not keep anything away..! But I know this poem could have been written even better! :-) Will look up your blog soon!

Nimmy said...

@asimov: Thanks a ton!! :-) I too hope to be able to write a lot more and better poems! Let's hope there is no dearth of inspiration and I get to write them every now and then! :-)

Voyager said...

excellent choice of words..was actually imagining it. Away from the four walls of this dry office I am sitting in :-)

Nimmy said...

Deeps! :-) Glad you liked it! And if it helped you get away - virtually - from "office" for a few moments, I am thrilled! :-))