Saturday, June 17, 2006

Forget and Forgive

"Our outer lives can be made prosperous by all the trappings of wealth and luxury, but without virtues like love, compassion and honesty, there cannot be any long-term
sustenance" - Swami Tejomayananda

Hmm. How many times have you wondered if someone whom you saw patch up with friends or family after a terrible fight, was shameless? :) I have too. But, that was long back. Many years ago. Now, I know that it is always good to patch up. But....there is a catch. If you see someone patch up, she could be doing it for two reasons. Either because of her natural trait that tells her to forgive and forget or because she knows that her life cannot move on the way she wants it to without patching up - vested interests in other words. So, it's all about intentions and root causes. Obviously, someone who forgets and forgives knowing that bad has to be replaced with the good and cruelity with kindness is the one that you would tend to respect. If she is patching up because she knows that the person is the one who determines her salary or decides whether she gets that coveted post blah blah, then you know there's nothing about's about selfishness...

Next time you have a tiff, think about patching up and more importantly, think about whether you are doing it to further your own needs and wants or because it is the sign of a good human being to forget and forgive....!! Spiritual-talk, eh? Life does teach one a lot, if one wants to keep learning....


Amanda said...

Yes forgiveness is an essential need for progression of any kind...whether it be finances, love, or spiritual.

Ashwini Bhat said...

True. There's one more thing to forgetting and forgiving. It becomes more easy to forgive when you have a break(in hours,days, month) with the person in question. If you are exposed to a state where you have to forgive/forget everyday, you are bound to get irritated!

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