Thursday, July 15, 2004

Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Manager

Can I call this a definition of KM? I don't frankly know...but it is a general outpour of my thoughts on 'What is KM?'. It has been derived from my previous post on Defining KM...


KM is an organizational and social concept that is manifested in a combination of policies, processes and tools that help employees of an organization learn collectively and think together towards applying their thus formed collective knowledge to achieve the organization's short-term and long-term business objectives. Short-term objectives are achieved through efficient reuse, capture, classification, storage, retreival, dissemination and application of knowledge, primarily for problem-solving purposes. Long-term business objectives are achieved by adding value to the already existing collective knowledge, by following & improving the short-term processes consistently and by ensuring seamless transfer of knowledge through HR processes and utilization of collaborative tools and workspaces for INNOVATION.

Throughout this process KM is to keep an eye fixed on creating a culture in which collaboration, collective thinking, problem-solving, and innovation are embedded. It is to hire or/and create workers who believe in being smart and leveraging upon existing assets to the maximum extent possible.

KM is a concept that helps organizations satisfy the employee as much as its customer. KM is a paradox that facilitates Reuse on the one hand and Innovation on the other. KM is a paradox that can help an employee learn on the one hand and teach another on the other.


That's enough....! Comments?

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