Friday, October 10, 2008

See What I Found... :-)

I loved reading this post! Maybe because I have a thing for enthusiasm and expertise (knowledge) :-)
It also led me to another wonderful post on passion, on the same blog. And do follow these posts to catch up with amazing blog conversations, from some really thoughtful (and passionate) people!!

I left some excited comments and thought I'd reproduce one of them here...for it provided me with a wonderful opportunity to reconsider and collate many of my previous musings on the topic of competition and passion.


Brilliant post and, once again, brilliant conversation as well! It feels so good to see your posts provoking such introspective and genuine conversations. :) Here are some additions to this wonderful conversation.

- I suggest that all the people who are passionate about passion and success read the book Success Vs Joy by Geeth Sethi. It is simply awesome. Check out some of my comments on the book here

- And check out some of the things I discovered and wrote about with re. to competition



here - (Even I believe Google is what it is more because of its own passion rather than an intention to do better than others)


and here

and here as well

- Finally, I shall play my own devil's advocate - Gary Kasparov says he is what he is because of Karpov! See this. ( can't expect simple and unilateral solutions to life's complexities!)

Waiting to see more such conversations on topics close to my heart! :-)


Yayaver said...

I really like this blog for giving emphasis on introspection and enthusiasm for life.You must e really a person of wonderful and inspiring by nature.

Nimmy said...

Hey Yayavar,

Thank you so much for being so generous with your feedback on my blog! :-) Gives me a high. I went through your blog and think it's quite clear why you probably like some of my are a really introspective and thoughtful person! :)And...I was really intrigued by some of your posts. Keep it up!

And...well...about my being inspiring...I guess I can be one hell of an excited person (eccentric?) at times. An eternal optimist.... Doesn't take much to put a smile on my face. Thank God for that. So, yes, there is generally a lot of noise and laughter when I am around with people I love...:)