Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Version 234.2

Yo there!

Nostalgia. I used to find the practice of blogging delightful and delicious a few years ago. To conceptualize something, start writing around it and then edit it into a full-fledged post was like baking a cake. The icing on the cake was to have someone read and leave a friendly or appreciative comment on the post. Sigh. Gone are those days. I know I made a lot of friends here...no idea where they all are now. Except perhaps a few who then connected on Facebook/Twitter and are still around somewhere in my circle.

I've stopped using Facebook too, though I have written tons and tons of stuff there in the last 5-6 years (which I did not copy into my blog). Now, it's only Twitter....for the world has a huge deficit of attention and will not read anything more than 200+ characters ;-)

Meanwhile, I actually came here to say that I've let go of some people that I used to like a lot & have made my peace with it. Not that I've totally forgotten them but they appear on the radar only once in a while. Life prioritizes things on your behalf while you continue believing you're the one setting the agenda. :-)