Friday, October 23, 2009

The Long-Tail of KM

I had to cook up a topic in a few days' time for the welcome address in this month's Bangalore K-Community meeting. Had a miserable brainwave, the outcome of which you can see above. For now, I am just putting up the PPT. If you want me to, I'll probably find the time to add some notes to it as well. What?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short Message Studies

The more I think of it, the more I am - particularly the KMer in me - worried. Read twitter messages bottom up. I know. It's an irony that I have, amusingly enough, used the 140-character medium to express this concern! On second thoughts, maybe it is the only way to get people to think about it! ;-)

As it is, even people who spend enough time communicating their thoughts do so incoherently and people who listen misunderstand half of the stuff that is targeted at them. Sigh! I think schools need to start contemplating a subject called SMS (short message studies).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

It Starts With Me

Here it comes. Finally. Phew. The sweet spot of writing. The poem that escaped me for a long time.

For the past I-don't-know-how-many weeks, I've been craving to write a sensible (for lack of a better word) poem. The craving was severe particularly and more so because I think it's been a long while since I even wrote an original and satisfying blog post. Sometimes I feel alive only when I manage to write something that makes me think, learn and, of course, flows deep from the heart - from an unknown and magical source. So, not being able to write something satisfying means going around like a non-living entity, more often than not. But the catch is that it has to just flow - one can never force it out. Reading something thought-provoking, at times, does the job - it opens up the unknown and magical source - but what I love even more is when the thought just floats in or jumps out from nowhere in particular. Such an experience leaves you utterly butterly happy and vaguely conscious of a positive Force that leads you to joy, wisdom and soul-power.

No more of the chit-chat. Here's the poem:

I listened to the music of the waves rushing back and forth and stood still on the shore
I beamed at the magnificent tree standing tall, wise and green

I gaped at the vast and generous sky with its fluffy white clouds
I watched the lively stream gush with joy

I stood mesmerized in front of the powerful and strong waterfall
I wondered in awe at the flock of birds that flew in total harmony
I blinked at the beauty of the tiny blade of grass and the dew drops on it

I stopped to admire the colorful flowers smile with warmth and purity
I froze in shocked silence as my thoughts wandered toward human greed and stupidity

Suddenly a voice within said softly - "Be the change you want to see"

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Making it a Great Morning

Been having a crazy morning....a nasty and jittery drive to office, a forgotten purse and mobile at home and some more cribs that I better not add to the list. So, it was motivating to read this. Emphasis mine.


Setting the Tone
Starting Your Day Well

The choices you make upon waking can have a profound impact on your day. If, still drowsy, you hit the ground running, rushing to prepare yourself to face your worldly obligations, you will likely feel fatigued and overwhelmed for most of your day. A leisurely and relaxing morning, on the other hand, can energize and excite you, as well as give you the courage to meet the challenges waiting for you. By beginning your day in a focused and centered fashion, you make it your own. You set the tone of your expectations and choose the mood you will use to respond to your circumstances. A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning will prepare you to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day.

The simplest way to eliminate the rush from your morning routine is to rise earlier. Getting children into routines and getting themselves ready as much as possible will also give you more time. Though this may seem like a hardship at first, you will soon grow to love the extra minutes or hours that afford you an opportunity to really enjoy watching the sun come up or connect with your loved ones before you go in your separate directions. There are many more ways you can constructively use the time you gain. A mere half-hour of introspection in which you examine your goals, thank the universe for the richness in your life, and contemplate the blessings you will receive this day can lift your spirit and help you formulate lasting positive expectations. Likewise, you can solidify your day’s intention through spoken affirmations or the words you record in a journal. Or, if you want little more than to enjoy your day, devote a portion of your personal time to activities that both ground and delight you, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, singing, reading, or listening to music. If you feel, however, that there is little room for change in your start-of-the-day routine, try to make each activity you engage in upon waking a ritual in its own right. The time you spend everyday savoring a soothing cup of tea or washing away tension in a hot shower can serve as a potent reminder of the need to care for yourself no matter what the hour.

Your morning is yours and should reflect not only your practical needs but also the needs of your soul. When you center yourself at the start of your day, you will likely find it easier to remain centered during subsequent work, play, and downtime because the overall sense of serenity you create through your choices will stay with you throughout the day.