Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Appa in my memories

Appa. Oct 27th '46 to May 27th, 2019

A man like no other. 
Your sensitivity & thoughtfulness.
Your tolerance & patience.
Your smile. Your intelligence.
Your active lifestyle, until destiny struck a nasty blow.
I hope to have silent conversations with you until I meet you again.

๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• You'll remain in my thoughts forever. There are hundreds of things and situations that'll remind me of you and your uniqueness. Maybe that's why I still believe you are around despite your physical absence. 

When our doggie fell ill and it almost looked like things would turn fatal, it was you who made the impossible, possible. It was your dedicated efforts for over 4 months that brought him back to normal and gave him 8 more years on Earth.

Your ability to scan several things in no more than a few minutes and note a hundred - obvious and subtle - aspects in the process, such as the colours of objects, numbers and IDs, positions and what not used to leave me flummoxed. You were the real life Sherlock Holmes for me

Your gardening skills & the # of hours you spent with plants cannot be matched by many. I only knew how to gaze at the flowers that bloomed because of the magic in your hands. When the Neem tree you planted 3 decades ago fell, we were heart-broken, but it's coming alive again!

Your colleagues, friends and farmers who visited you after you departed from this world invariably referred to you as a "Great and talented scientist". I wish you'd written that book your best friend believes you should have.
You were perhaps the only one at home who could fully relate to my sense of humour. Your ability to laugh at yourself, at life, at circumstances and when being ridiculed is what idealistic movies are made of. Every single person in your circle speaks of your humility and an absent ego.

I believe the most AMAZING & UNIQUE thing about you which I'm convinced that very few folks possess was your ability to engage children in an inimitable & brilliant manner. You could teach, entertain, and tease them, all at the same time, whilst making them feel equal to you!

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