Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rocking Girl Blogger?! :)

Jeane here has given me the Rockin girl blogger award! Mmmmm!! I think that’s really really nice of her! :) I actually don’t know what else to say except that it is an amazing feeling when people indicate that you’ve been able to engage them in a positive and constructive (and, at times, entertaining) way. While on the topic, I feel like sharing a little something. I was rearranging my shelf a week ago and found a lot of old greeting cards and letters that some of my friends (at different points of time) had sent me and was pleasantly surprised to see a common thread emerging in most of those communications. I am not going to describe what it is lest I sound like an awful trumpet-blower but suffice it to say that it left me with a very nice and pleasant feeling of having made a tiny difference -in my own small way - to all those friends. Jeane’s recognition brings back those memories and inspires me to get better at what I sometimes attempt to do – share my joy/make others feel good/happy/inspired. Okay. That will be all. I can see that I am dangerously close to getting into the zone of self-indulgence. ;) If there’s something I can do to make this worthwhile, without wanting to sound patronizing…..I just want to tell you to try making others feel happy. Especially kids. Bliss!! :)

The Rockin girl blogger award originated here and the rules are that you ought to give credit to the initiator – Roberta Ferguson – and you need to tag girl/women bloggers who, you know, rock. Some of the rocking girl bloggers (only referring to people who blog somewhat regularly) I know are Astha, Sari, Deepthi, and Chinmayee. But having said that, this is also confession time for me. I know I am doing a very incomplete job of identifying rocking girl bloggers because I haven’t been catching up with many blogs of late – my RSS reader is probably sulking and calling me names because I’ve made him (her?) undoubtedly obese. But honestly, there’s so much to read and so little time. Books, articles on the internet, magazines, papers, mails, messages, sign-boards, brochures, visiting cards, clocks, and now blogs. For that matter, even speed-reading courses need to be read. Ok. I know my using this opportunity to ramble like mad is completely unjustified. My sub-conscious is probably trying to make up for lack of opportunities to post on other topics. Be warned that any tags coming along shall be grabbed and crazily held on to when I am going through such a low-inspiration-action phase. Forgive me. I promise to put up some good content next (oops, burned my bridges). Meanwhile, here are links to those rocking girl bloggers….

Astha is undoubtedly rocking because she is so genuine and nice to read. Especially because her thoughts on the HR function in organizations are so refreshing

Sari is second to none when it comes to passionate and amazing write-ups – and not just on sports but on some other topics like work culture as well

Deepthi’s writing style is cool. She writes with flair and panache and there’s something very absorbing about it

Chinmayee is such a talented singer and blogger…! I think she simply rocks in the song Sahaana (from Shivaji – The Boss) which is my current favourite number!

Jessica’s creativity, range of topics and ideas are overwhelming. Period.


Evolving Ideas said...

Gosh! Thanks Nimmy!

Made my day :)


Nimmy said...

Now, what's Gosh got to do with this? ;) Heehee. Just kidding...

My pleasure....! :)


Arbit Orbit said...

Wow nice to see someone likes to read my blog apart from me. I read it over and over when i get bored!!! LOL

Maybe i am self obsessed, Or maybe plain talented. LOL

Kidding, Thanks Nimmy.

Arbit Orbit said...

Nimmy, thanks for the links to other blogs. Girls you write so well. VERY INTERESTING READ.

Nimmy said...

:) don't they?! :)

Sarita said...

Thanks, demon!!! This is lovely.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Nimmy, you are as crazy delightfully entertaining and inspiring as usual! No wonder I choose you as the true Rockin' Girl Blogger you are! Now lets see some more of those Nimmy posts whence birds sing to entertain you, stimulating intellect is etched in your every word, and inspiration is drawn from your well of ink! BTW: No pressure here - lol!

Nimmy said...

jeane m culp,
errr....i mean...errr...gulp (or should it be 'culp' in this case?)...blush...well....errr........god...ok...OK!. here i go. toungue tied is the term i am looking for, i guess. you made my day, to put it mildly. :) i hope i continue to introspect, inspire and entertain. i couldn't ask for more from life :) and i can't thank you enough for showering such kind words on me...me quite drenched! :)