Friday, February 15, 2008


Well, what do I say? I've been interviewed! Gosh, can you think of anything more horrifying than that - for the interviewer I mean? And what's sad is that this chap is not even an established interviewer who'd know how to handle a crazy person like me. He's an amateur. You might want to pray for him.

I've been through job interviews and interviews with some of my Scorpio friends (you know what I mean if you happen to have a typical Scorpio friend or two). But this is the first time ever someone has really really interviewed me. Does that mean I am a celebrity? Not at all. Not at all. Please. It's just that I appreciated someone for some smart questions that he thought he'd ask people in the talk show that he dreams of and he decided to turn the tables and ask me to answer those questions. I had to oblige....I'll be careful about what I appreciate from now on ;-). If you're sure you have what it takes to listen to (read) my answers, apply some pressure on that left mouse button right here and then don't be surprised if the pressure slowly spreads to your brain. Har har.

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